"Man what a hard day at work...i'm feeling quite weary now."
by Little GoGo Kitty January 21, 2009
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To be cautious. One can not be weary when flusted. it is either or.
"OMG the n00bs are fuckin camping! be weary!"
by grizwinters April 24, 2009
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shitty, not good, bummers; word Dan uses for everything that sucks
"dude surf sucks..." "weary"
by DAN September 8, 2004
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When a single person grows tired of hanging out with couples, or of being the only single person at events and constantly reminded of this because they are constantly confronted with happy couples.
I have been to three dinner parties this week. Definitely feeling "couple-weary".
by CalgaryGal August 10, 2009
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The group of white guys who awkwardly stand on the outskirts of the dance circle consisting of mostly Black people.
Someone was doing the worm in the middle, but then one of the Weary Wiggers jumped in and started doing the sprinkler.
by Swaggybooty February 23, 2022
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- limp, can bearly lift arms
- Mostly used in association with baseball pitchers but has also been used in reference to comedy routines.
The anglers were a bit arm weary, however, it was a good feeling after they saw the size of the fish and knew they had won the battle.
by Doctor Livingstone May 16, 2005
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An extremely tiresome and useless twat of a person who, with an over inflated sense of self importance, makes the simplest of situations difficult. This is done by oppressing listeners with the shite that tumbles out of their mouth.
"Damn that meeting was boring. The new guy went on and on about those unwashed cups in the office, what a fucking weary bawbag!"

This can also be applied to unpleasant situations especially those given to one person by another,

"Sorry mate i can't come out as the wife has told me to paint the bedroom, it's a pile of weary bawbag."
by Jamin1 October 2, 2012
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