U gon get touched foo if u say something stupid.
He got hands and feet because he went to Argentina and said Messi is trash and Ronaldo is better.
by weareapnow December 3, 2022
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A close but still-platonic friendship that you share wif a nice gal, perhaps one whom you've known a long time but who now has a main squeeze of her own. It involves your holding and fondling the gal's hands for extended periods, and giving her long soothing foot-rubs, plus possibly having her soothingly place the soles of her feet against your chest or rub/scratch your back with her toes.
A hands-and-feet friendship can be an ideal "happy medium" or "compromise" type of footing with a nice gal --- it permits you to still maintain a fully-satisfying "soulmate type" relationship with someone of the female persuasion whom you really like, even after she's linked up with another guy who is more to her "overall" liking... if the guy has a reasonably tolerant/understanding/trusting nature, he will not feel that his own relationship with Miss Cutie-Pie is threatened by your continued friendship with her, since you are not engaging in any sexual-related activities... extra points if (1) you perform your entire "repertoire" of pleasant actions wif da gal while she's in da guy's presence a few times, so that he can actually see for himself that all of your behavior is indeed totally "innocent", and (2) you also show him how the chick most loves having her hands, feet, back, shoulders, etc. massaged, so that he himself can please her in a comparably-satisfying manner to the physical-sensory "magic" that you are able to perform on her yourself.
by QuacksO August 22, 2018
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Small hands+ Small feet = small dick. It's the law of proportion.
Ohmygawsh, I thought he was soo cute until i saw his junk.
- Did you forget small hands small feet =....
yepp. he looked like an asian baby.

see joe jonas
by kammi kazzi April 11, 2010
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If you say that your hands/feet are Syberia that means thag your hands/feet are cold.
Usually we use that phrase in the winter.
Girl:My hands/feet are Syberia!
Girl:That means that my hands/feet are cold.
by m0nk1s March 10, 2021
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The Wichita Hand Feet Head Combo is an sexual action passed down from generation to generation in Waco people of the Wichita tribe. It is said that this combo would bring forever sexual pleasure to both parties involved and will heal you in the eyes of horse sh*t.
That B*tch gave me that Wichita Hand Feat Head Combo and sucked the life out my d**k! Wichita Hand Feet Head Combo
by Kangerous Feg January 20, 2021
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