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What people who are about to have a baby search for online.
Often this types of people choose trendy or unique names. Some baby names mean something in some obscure language. But almost always, anyone who types "baby names" in a search-bar, are guaranteeing their child will either be a total pussy, or end up changing their name.
Female(or effeminate male partner): "What should we name our baby."
Male(or masculine female partner): "Sure, whatever you want honey, i'm watching the game"
Female(or effeminate male partner): "Why don't we look online for baby names?"
Male(or masculine female partner): "Yeah, Yeah, You do that sweety"
Female(or effeminate male partner): "How about Julio?"
Male(or masculine female partner): "Who is that our new gardener?"
Female(or effeminate male partner): "How about October, my friend is a Libra?"
Female(or effeminate male partner): "Yeah our baby should be named October."
by JesusCisc December 16, 2013
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