A such a beautiful person inside and out, she's kind and a good person, I'm so lucky to know her.
“I'm lucky to know ya Haifa”
by August 25, 2020
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Haifa is an Arabic name. implying that the girl is cute and pretty.
Look at that pretty girl , her name is Haifa.
by madridista_cool March 10, 2013
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Haifa is an Arabic name, its literal meaning : a slim girl with flat stomach and tiny waist line
Haifa! You look great today (noun)

Look at that body! She’s haifa (as an adjective)
by Haifaro March 26, 2019
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She is a kind and the most beautiful person I ever met. she is so sweet and I am too dumb to express her. Haifa's are all the same cute and beautiful.
Haifa my crush.
by Haifa is cute January 25, 2022
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An awesome and beautiful city located in northern Israel.
I'm going on vacation to Haifa.
by shrewdcat February 3, 2009
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She is somewhat super kind inside and extremely beautiful. her smile is the cutest thing on earth!!. she is my crush-.
by I love haifa January 27, 2022
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Haifa is the girl you don't expect to meet. She somehow comes in your life out of no where and changes you a little. She has beautiful eyes and hair, short but the best kind:), and best of all her hugs. Her hugs are what brings you up to a better day and brings a smile on your face. She is very likely to become an important person in your life. She deserves the best and should always be happy, why, idk because she probably is the best. If you do have one in your life then you are very lucky and never lose her.
Me: Wow who's that 😍!!!

Random person: that's HAIFA you are so lucky if you have her!!!!
by TurkiOTB November 25, 2021
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