Any girl who likes multiple cocks within range of physical contact. Otherwise known as a slut, whore, skank, or hoe. Generally any woman who tends to be promiscuous.
by Tara Kelly October 01, 2011
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When you’re doods at everything. A haares has a bad hairline, wears sketchers, and doesn’t know how to read. Being called a, “haares”, is the worst insult known to man. It means you are illiterate, smell bad, and quite possibly are bad at everything ever.
Person A: *messes up or does something stupid*
Person B: Are you haares?
by FortniteFan2000 August 22, 2020
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a man that has no will to live; often a person that attends a southern university with hopes that someday he will reach black status; men that have an outty are usually considered this; socks and sandals
Dude, that guy is so haars, watch as he attends a black person convention!
by rigg October 29, 2007
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When in a fight or dispute, i shoot u in the neck and u fall down.
The son of a bitch was all up in my grill, so I haar'd that faggot! Blood everywhere!
by JMart November 03, 2005
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1) My lord and savior.

2) Newark's own TV personality.
Me: "Oh my God, it's TV's Ben Haar!"

TV's Ben Haar: "That's a little redundant, isn't it?"
by GL Hal Jordan October 24, 2009
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