Buy One, Get One (free or some lesser value)
that sale in produce, is it BOGO?
by stu f. May 4, 2004
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"Bro Out, Get Out". When one of your boys won't get out ya room or sum shit, you gotta hit em with a BOGO.
Josh: Wow im really having a blast beating off in your bed Max.
Max: Dude wtf BOGO!
by Sk8er N8er April 27, 2021
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American slang: Blow One, Get One. Oral sex performed in exchange for a favor or an item.
Dawn got a dub for the BOGO she did on Gary.
by Speedog 2 December 17, 2010
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Twins. A reference to a Buy One Get One sale, two offspring for a single act of coitus. Can be used to refer to identical or fraternal twins; male, female, or both.
Phil: How old are Nancy's kids
Steve: Seven.
Phil: Oh, they were BOGO?
by Asherael March 12, 2008
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Buy One, Give One. A social enterprise business model popularized by TOMS shoes and later adopted by a number of other social businesses. For each item bought, another item is donated to someone in need.
One area of real growth is transaction-based giving, such as the "BOGO" model, in which a consumer buys a product and someone less fortunate receives the same product for free.
by BOGO March 10, 2014
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A term used in place of box logo. Mostly used by people who got into supreme after 2015.
Kid 1: I'm a faggot so I'm gonna say bogo instead of box logo.
by wavybone October 10, 2017
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Buy one get one, or buy one hooker, get one free.
My friend brought two hot hookers up to the room in Vegas. They wanted $1000 each. He only had a grand. He negotiated a BOGO and did them both.
by Art Vandalay Bay September 24, 2010
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