Central Security Service; comprises all U.S. military branches – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – and works to ensure a full partnership between the NSA and the military.
The CSS provides timely and accurate cryptologic support, knowledge, and assistance to the military cryptologic community. CSS also coordinates and develops policy and guidance on the Signals Intelligence and Information Assurance missions of National Security Agency (NSA) and CSS, to ensure military integration.
by Dancing with Fire September 5, 2012
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Cascading Style Sheets. An extension to HTML which are most often used to set default styles so that the equivalent HTML code does not need to be retyped. It is also used for its method of positioning- items can be set above others and screen-proportional settings don't apply. Among the tags that were deprecated in favour of CSS is the famous FONT tag, but it is so useful it will never be completely written out. Interesting, CSS does not set font sizes by HTML standards (1 to 7) but as pixel-based sizes, like those used in word processors. CSS can be specified in the HTML code itself in the head tag, or linked to from a separate file - a remote style sheet. As well as these to methods, a single element can be specified with CSS styles by using the 'style' attribute in the tag. This only affects the tag the attribute is used in that one time. As far as I am aware, CSS is the only way to set a division to overflow.
The structure of CSS is similar to that of HTML, except triangular brackets are replaced with 'squiggly' parenthesis - "{" and "}". The tag itself is outside of the brackets, however, unlike HTML. The equals-sign is replaced with a colon, and quotes are implied until a semi-colon. Attributes must be ended with a semi-colon, therefore.
"That's some fancy CSS..."
by regs_ March 19, 2005
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Cansei de Ser Sexy ("Tired of being sexy" in Portuguese), also known as CSS, is a Brazilian indie rock band from São Paulo.
We're going to the CSS show, I hope they play "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above"!
by Stephanie Malik May 14, 2007
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1. Cock Sucking Service.
2 Usually used when a woman has no talent anything related to Web pages but gets a job on that field. You wonder how she got the job and later knowing she applied CSS with the management
Man 1: Hey men, what happened to your application?
Man 2: I didn't get the job. that bitch applied CSS to overpower me. damn! ik ik..
by josérizal February 24, 2010
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An extension to HTML to allow styles, e.g. colour, font, size to be specified for certain elements of a hypertext document. Style information can be included in-line in the HTML file or in a separate CSS file (which can then be easily shared by multiple HTML files). Multiple levels of CSS can be used to allow selective overriding of styles.
You should stop using tables and switch to CSS to align your website!
by illEATurHARTout March 26, 2004
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Curb Side Sleeper. Once one has consumed numerous drinks and possibly other sources of intoxication (LSD, adderall, blow, moll dogz, boom boom) suddenly passes out, falling to the knees, on the curb.
"Yo I was walking her back to the car after the show and she totally CSS'ed my ass."
by nastynate and mckflaya June 12, 2012
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Joe: Man, Bailey called me over with a bunch of her friends, I swear, they all have CSS man. Like they didnt even look at my face at all.

Jordan: Sweet man.
by WitnessWhiteness same thing March 20, 2008
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