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"What is the Witchblade?

For thousands of years it has existed. An intelligent, symbiotic weapon of incredible power. A living gauntlet that becomes one with its wearer. The Witchblade: Only women of unmatched strength of mind, body and will have ever successfully worn it. Its legacy has created a warrior bloodline back through time and forward into the future. Joan of Arc wielded the blade as did other great warrior women throughout the ages. But to wear the Witchblade is to be both its master and its servant, as this mysterious weapon draws to it what it needs and casts aside what it does not. Stirring to life at times of crisis -- during wars, famines, pestilence -- the Witchblade has been used to cut a swath of blood and viscera through the ranks of previously insurmountable evil. For decades it has lain dormant, but now in the early days of the 21st century, the Witchblade has chosen a new bearer of its power.... and its curse."

The WitchBlade is a bracelet which expands itself into a gauntlet and eventually a full armour suit with a integeral sword as well as other weapons. It cam only be used by women, and only fully by some women known as blade wielders.
Current Wielder is a New York detective called Sara Pezzini.
She's using the Witchblade
by NetFreak April 12, 2005
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To fake in connection to photoshop

To create a new image from others, most commonly used to refer to the process of creating a nude image of a person using a fully clothed image of the person and a nude image of another person. Most commonly a celebrety or well known individual.
A specific version of photoshoping or to phtotshop

A person who fakes is a Faker or Fakir
Fred faked Uma Thurman showing her tits!
by NetFreak April 12, 2005
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One who is a freak specificly online

One adicted to the internet
That guy is such a NetFreak
by NetFreak April 12, 2005
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Super High Quality - usually in connection with images

see also

HQ - High quality
UHQ - Ultra High Quality
Those pics are great! Theyre SHQ!
by NetFreak April 13, 2005
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A drink consisting of White Rum, Dark Rum, sours, and pinapple juice

Got the name because of its grey green colour (like a zombie skin)
I'd like a Zombie please..
by NetFreak April 13, 2005
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Killing someone, usually in a game, without causing any kind of alarm, either to the victim or to the anyone else in the area. These are most used in stealth-um-up games such as Splinter Cell, Hitman, or Tenchu.
What a stealth kill, he never saw it coming!
by NetFreak May 24, 2006
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