A small bullied tangerine meets a whole bunch of tall hot boys and they all play volley ball.
50% percent of Haikyuu:

Hinata: Wow! I love this place, your all so wonderful

Kageyama: STFU
by I love Killua October 27, 2020
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A small human tangerine meets a tall angry blueberry. They started off as enemies but slowly becomes friends through the power of volleyball, and along the way, they meet a bunch of cats, a few owls, and Oikawa.
I started watching Haikyuu for volleyball but stayed for the hot boys and the muscles.

Waka-chan out!
by RelAx21 December 31, 2021
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Haikyuu is an Anime on of my favorites the main character s name is Hinata Shoyo
by SimpForAnimeCharacters June 21, 2021
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GAY GAY GAY right from the start you should know all of karasuno is gay. Haikyuu is an anime they aren’t gay but they are it’s a volleyball anime let me tell you some of my personal favourite characters, first we got Owl 🦉 he gets sad when something disent go well then we have rooster 🐓 his laugh and smile is concerning but he’s hot so it’s ok we got milk 🥛 and tangerine 🍊 they are a couple and you can’t say otherwise we’ll I can’t be bothered to write everything else so watch it nowwwe
Some uncultured swine “Oi haikyuu is shot ...“
*death noises*
by Jamal9 October 22, 2020
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The gay volleyball anime including: Flying Tangerine, Milk boi, Sugamama, Deachi, Baldis Basics, ROLINGU SANDA, Saltshima, Llamaguchi, Hyena, Hoot Hoot, Momkaashi, Pudding, L E G, Momku, Iwaizubee, Flattykawa, and many more.
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One of the best anime’s out there. Popular and not overrated. All the characters are amazing. A lot of them have backstories that are relatable. Up lifting and suspenseful sometimes. Get’s you riled up for the games. You can’t chose which team to cheer on because they’re all that good. Lovable characters you’ll be hooked on forever and can make you cry for them. Main character is Hinata Shoyo, who has a lot of progress and lights up everyones lives. He’s on the shorter side but can jump. So much character development in this anime. And it sticks.
A: Do you watch Haikyuu?
B: Yes! I don’t like sports that much, but it’s such a good anime!
by hamterjpeg June 7, 2021
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Gayest volleyball anime almost any ship goes. It is the most gay meme able anime on the planet. Haikyuu is abou hot volleyball bois being gay and not even realising it. Everyone has at least one husband or waifs from this anime.PERIODTTTT.( bokuto’s bunda and oikawa is a door).
by Levs_legs May 11, 2021
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