How you like that is a song from BLACKPINK one of their newest singles, How you like that is a song for confidence and lets you show your bad side of yourself. Like BTS with their speak yourself and love yourself albums. This newest album will let you express your real self. It came out on 26th of June 2020.
Yo have you heard the song how you like that?
by GlitterKPOP August 7, 2020
A phrase that basically means "How do you like that" in a way that will piss someone off, usually used by a nerd.
Bill: I win wooot! How you like dem apples?

by Tysta51 April 23, 2009
How You Like Me Now.

This is fast becoming a ‘well known’ phrase used by impressionable young men throughout England, particularly Leicester.

It is used to show you have gone one better than a friend / or when you have done something that requires recognition from you peers
(jim) "Hey Andre.. I just nailed your missus!"
(andre)"You what!!!"
(jim) "and she said i was better than you..HOW YOU LIKE NOW!"

or in its second form

(andre) "everyone.. I'm finishing early on friday to go down the boozer.... HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!
by Jim Wells July 30, 2006
a southern phrase that when translated literally it means "how much longer do you have", "how much longer do you think", or just "how much longer?" This a usually a question of time.
Dad: How much you like on them dishes boy?
Son: Bout done pop!

Woman: Honey, I know you're excited to leave for the bluegrass festival but I HAVE to finish this laundry!!
Man: Well, how much you like?
Woman: About 20 more minutes
by Guslab July 8, 2010
Something you say to someone when you have completely owned them
Gordon: Man, I just lost that crash bandicoot racing game to you AGAIN!
Sam: That's right! How do you like THEM apples?!
by The Ws Crew January 5, 2009
A game involving ten guys. Five a side, you stand about three metres from each other, and using some kind of object (A shoe or ball works well) you throw it at the opposition team, aiming at the testicles. If the object strikes you anywhere and you flinch, you lose a piece of clothing. If the object hits your balls and you DON'T flinch, you get to put a piece of clothing back on. Once you're naked, you're out; last man with clothes on wins for his team.
We were bored last night, so we played How Do You Like Your Eggs?
by ThePopcornGangster November 1, 2006