An American art form from the Appalachian Mountains. Lightning fast tempos make it technically difficult to play yet it is easy to listen to. Similar to jazz, improvisation is a key component. Bluegrass has so much rhythm there's no need for drums. Vocal harmonies are clearly defined like family music.
A country drawl in your voice will make you a better bluegrass singer....Festivus, God of Festivals, comes down from the mountain to hear his favorite musicians and see his loyal followers at bluegrass festivals.....Bluegrass does not need the help of corporate music companies for success.
by Matt Louis September 7, 2005
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An old fashioned style of country music dating from the late 1930s pioneered by Bill Monroe (who invented the name) and Roy Acuff. While some people believe it to be the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains, it's basically what country music was like before influences from jazz, blues, and pop came in. Most popular in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Virginia. In bluegrass the guitar fiddle and banjo are the most important instruments and there is no drumming nor percussion. It has had a small but devoted following outside of the South for years, and despite being associated with toothless inbred hicks to some is a genre very highly respected by musicians - not just country musicians but rock and even jazz musicians. Often used in films and TV set in the South, in the last few years it has undergone a massive revival in popularity worldwide because of the film "O Brother Where Art Thou".
Bluegrass isn't just played by Southerners any more - although it's still rare to find an African-American bluegrass musician.
by Rattus cattus November 17, 2006
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A style of music in which the majority of its players are fat middle-aged men with goatees. Many are evangelists as well. It is also a style of music that is revered by its players as the greatest style of music ever created by mankind. So great in fact, that many bluegrass musicians don't even bother listening to anything else because they do not believe its worth listening too. Many bluegrass musicians also view themselves as the greatest musicians to have ever walked the earth. What is considered true bluegrass music is widely debated among the bluegrass community.
Person 1: Did you go to that bluegrass festival?
Person 2: Oh yeah! Tony Rice totally blew my face off with that tone and them hot licks!
Person 1: What? Who?
by mcdove February 14, 2016
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This music is usually related to the deep southerns. It can be refered to "twangy" because of the banjos and other musical instruments. It is similar to country music but bluegrass usually are based upon religion, freedom, and the older days. Some songs are the artist just talking/singing or they have several musical instruments such as a banjo, violin, and more banjos. The songs almost never have a negative message and are created for easy listening. Bluegrass is a genre of music that is REALLY hard to sing or play but sounds excellent when done correctly.
That concert by Ralph Stanley was like none other, that guy has the skills and talent to be considered number one.

What are you talking about, he IS a living legend for bluegrass music.
by Paul Harper September 29, 2005
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The best fecking music on earth. The only musical art form invented by an American (Bill Monroe).
I can't go to my brother's wedding - I'm going to a bluegrass festival that weekend.

Without the 5-string banjo, it's not bluegrass music.
by Unrepentantfenianbastard April 1, 2004
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Brew listens to bluegrass.
Brew is going to a bluegrass festival in Nashville.
by freddie June 28, 2004
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Marijuana, when one doesn't want to specifically say it. Usually called bluegrass when virgin ears or snitches are around.
Guy 1: So you want to smoke this weekend?
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I'll...
Snitch: Hey guys, whacha talkin about?
Guy 1: Bluegrass.
by shoelessloons November 7, 2010
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