Rick: I love watching women's soccer -- every now & again I aee one get kicked in the hooha.
Nick: Yup, who doesn't love a good cunt punt?
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by cyberpope67,BC,Canada February 17, 2019
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The expression yelled when you try to unjam your locker by hitting it forcefully with your hand. Works every time.
Dayna: My locker is totally stuck!
Me: HOO-HA!! *punches locker*
Dayna: *opens locker* It really works!
by Jeyde September 14, 2005
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undue excitement; ado; todo; commotion.
There was a kind of hoo-ha over the minister's resignation.
by uttam maharjan December 23, 2012
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"hey doodoo face! lemme see ur hoo ha!"

"no silly, not in la clase de espanol... maybe in psychology.. we sit in the forgotten corner anyways"

by wedenesday December 13, 2006
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1.) a vagina
2.)an expression used when excited
1.) I love my vagina.
2.)" HOO-HA" said the excited girl.
by saraelisehopepottinger2002 August 01, 2015
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