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HAND OF JUSTICE- Diablo 2 LOD item
Used in 4 Socket Weapons
Sur Cham Amn Lo
Whoa a HOJ bow? 3X32020's for it!!
by NiGhT December 11, 2004
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Hunk of Junk - Coined during the US Government's federal tax credit. A clever way to tell your friends that their cars are pieces of crap and need to be junked immediately.
You're 1993 Ford Explorer is a real HOJ!
by Takomoro Komoto November 29, 2012
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Someone who thinks he is a baddass in CoH, but whe nit all comes down to it, His mom puts him to sleep at night.
Some Person: HoJ your a fag.
HoJ: what?
Some Person: F A G!
HoJ: What?
Some Person: Well yer mom puts you to bed at night.
Everyone Else: Oooooooooooo!
by Mind Lasher September 23, 2006
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A red head kid that likes to go to tedeschis and wait for people, and try to make plans..he sits on his moms lap while eatning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...thinks he gets rat, but really never...His life long goal is to rat KH but it will never happen...there is only one hoj
Hoj..Whats going on tonight?

I Dunoo lets go to tedeschis and see
by Rat master October 05, 2005
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