Slang for "Damn!"

Started by Southern rappers Rayzins and Matha.


"AMN! I stubs my toes!"
by rchinigo February 15, 2005
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Pretty usually short girl, long brown hair with nice eyes. Doesn't deal with bullshit and is a feisty girl. Usually a lot of siblings and has a lot of friends. If someone fucks with her they will literally die in her head and everyone who have met her.
Matt- "Damn is That Amne?"
Tyler- "Yeah I heard shes pretty feisty at times"
Matt- "Damn"
by Sinkfishing101 September 15, 2019
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Something T-K (Tomato-Killer) says when getting killed. Usually "man" typo'd
"ah amn...."
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
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A drawn out way of saying damn, often used to describe something insanely awesome or someone really hot.
Dude#1: hey check her out!!!
Dude#2: Da-amn, that's hot!
by solstice.barrett April 04, 2010
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It has the same definition as damn, but is pronounced differently; it is broken into 2 syllables, with more emphasis on the first syllable. It is used when the speaker is in utter shock or disbelievment (if that's a word).
"Day-amn! That's one steep cliff!!"
by the sane maniac August 30, 2004
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ebonics for "god-damn". Spoken in agitation or awe in reference to something or someone.
1) Tha' souty right the' thinks he so go' 'amn hard, boy.
2) Whoo that hoe got some go' 'amn ounce in her trunk.
by Aamil K. December 14, 2003
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