a diss you use after something bad happens to someone that is embarrasing and/or is unfortunate for them
josh gets sent out of the classroom and joe yells


stacy spills ice cream on her shirt, deriq says- stacy,

get slapped!
by guy1245 March 26, 2010
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a unwanted vocalization resulting in repercussive slappage.
Think you are not going to have to work this weekend? Talk Shit Get Slapped!
by Junior Jelly Giant September 27, 2017
the feeling you get when you walk outside and it's freezing cold out (moreso, when the cold wind actually hits your face).
Shit it's cold in here! It feels like I'm getting bitch slapped by a penguin!
by Courtney R. Klein September 22, 2006
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Give me some food. Usually one says this when they're waiting on line for lunch.
I was on a line in the mess hall at rikers and an inmate standing a few feet from me said "can I get a slap of grease in the name of jesus?".
by metaphoricals June 12, 2010
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