Hard of Hearing - commonly used abbreviation on many groups dealing with hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear im plants or deafness
Many people who are HOH wear hearing aids
by hohguy May 10, 2009
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Head over Heals
Dude, that bro was HOH for that stripper. He spent like a grand!
by FoxBox August 3, 2009
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Homies over Hoes

A unspoken rule that must never put a hoe over your homies.

Homies have your back for life & a hoe is only temporary.
Gangstalicious- song "Homies over Hoes"
by randomwonder February 17, 2010
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An exclamation used to start a sentence or just blurt out... used like "whoa!" or "OMG". Even if it's not for a good reason, it's still fun to say. Try linking multiple "hohs" for a silly tune.
"HOH, I just found 20 bucks!" or "HOH, if you jimmy tap me again, I'll kill you."
by eMOS June 11, 2004
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The source comes from a local legend named Tyler, who would exclaim, "HOH!" at anything he found to be proposterous or off-kilter. His group of friends began to use it and it became acceptable to convey any type of feeling.
"HOH, she's getting fucked in the ass!" or "HOH, is that Lindsey Lohan's nipple?"
by Mr. Pink August 11, 2004
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it's like sex on the beach you need 6 special ingredients
-eccentric man diva who levitates
-A preppy prefectionist that likes hand sanitizer in all scents
-A chic coffee-holic FOB
-A bizzare but level headed blondie hunted by whalers
-A fun laffy taffy from venus
-A smart homo whose hair resembles the colors of the autumn leaves falling from the trees. His eyes hazel brown his cheeks rosy pink call him
mix it all together and pour it in a blender and you have HOH. Highly toxic, bottoms up
HOH is like oxygen you need it to survive
And like sex on the beach it will fuck you up
HOH is like being on ectasy once one goes BLACK there's no turning BACK
by KERGAN October 3, 2006
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A sound that is used when you are impressed or amazed by something.
"I just ate a fish eye"


"I have 9 computers"
by TASHY!! November 8, 2009
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