helenic hip disorder.
greeks always have larger hips than normal americans.... 'xeni' as us greeks call them. but HHD is just simply something we have to live with and it is very unfortunate on our part.
that dress doesnt fit me because of this damn HHD
by greek_princess_<3 March 07, 2009
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Stands for Hendon Hot Dogs, originally discovered by the world outside a local newsagent when a strange graffiti piece was noticed.

The HHD is a secret oragisation originating in Hendon, but unlike other Hendon organizations the HHD doesn't just involve stealing 5 bottles of lambrini and getting wasted on a street corner, then going and calling anyone wearing black a 'goff' and beating up old ladies as a pass time.
The HHD operates on a completely stealth based level, only revealing their existance to scare the public into submission. In fact I will probably be shot for just writing this.

The only known 'member' is a self righteous Hungarian, and if his actions are anything to go off then we can assume the HHD excels in mincing around, saying stupid things, and being completely out of touch with any form of culture.
"Did yer see that guy what from HHD, he was such a mincer"
"Nah, I never, he must have turned up 10 hours late or something..."
by gM_eatsYOU September 29, 2008
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