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1. Having strong positive feelings for a good outcome.

2. A song title by countless bands/singers.

some examples are:

Frank Sinatra

•Pink Floyd

•Real Friends

•Panic! At The Disco

•Bruce Springsteen

1. Frank has high Hopes that his the Red Sox will win.

2. Although Panic at the disco's High Hopes is the most popular my favorite one will always be Pink Floyd's.
by _somedoot_ December 18, 2018
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The optimizum associated with potenal future adventures and/or meals while stoned
Sitting on the couch after smoking a bowl, I had High Hopes after watching a Burger King commercial.
by TLeach71 November 04, 2017
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The waiting period from the moment you order your weed until the time your stoner dealer remembers you called and finally texts back that he is "on his way."
Even though I called my Weed Guy three hours ago, I still have high hopes he will come through!
by homopinionation November 19, 2014
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