1. Having strong positive feelings for a good outcome.

2. A song title by countless bands/singers.

some examples are:

•Frank Sinatra

•Pink Floyd

•Real Friends

•Panic! At The Disco

•Bruce Springsteen

1. Frank has high Hopes that his the Red Sox will win.

2. Although Panic at the disco's High Hopes is the most popular my favorite one will always be Pink Floyd's.
by _somedoot_ December 18, 2018
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The optimizum associated with potenal future adventures and/or meals while stoned
Sitting on the couch after smoking a bowl, I had High Hopes after watching a Burger King commercial.
by TLeach71 November 5, 2017
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A very cool kid that sings High Hopes for a lemon in his video and a lot of people likes it because he have potential to be better than Justin Bieber. He did this cover to pay tribute to a lemon. Go subscribe to his channel because you might win an Iphone and a Nintendo Switch.
EL Pidio: Have to have high high hopes for a lemon
Everyone: SO GOOD!!!!
by Im Richer Than BK April 11, 2019
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The waiting period from the moment you order your weed until the time your stoner dealer remembers you called and finally texts back that he is "on his way."
Even though I called my Weed Guy three hours ago, I still have high hopes he will come through!
by homopinionation November 19, 2014
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PANIC AT THE DISCO , looking to the crucifixion at SMALL t.
THE G0D CLIMB = HIGH HOPES as note that but a lot of our problem we have is to havev be a n the PANIC ROOM (IN PANIC SPACE) to believe and furthermore even your proselytizers question the belief when they CLIMB THE HILL they are really aching for their CREATIVE explanation too and the AFTERMATH OF MORTALITY as henceforth , what is worse is being with the wrong company as they can come up empty.
by METE MEAT MEET September 2, 2021
99.9% of all kids do drugs, whether its weed, heroine, or rubber cement. Yet somehow they all have 6.7 GPAs. By far the most dominating school in wake county in all aspects. GH reigns in soccer, football, basketball, cross country, lacrosse and every other sport that counts. Rivals Cary and Apex rule at only one thing, gay sex.
Green Hope Students
John: hey u wanna go inject ourselves with whatever i can find in my kitchen?
Jack: yea sure, then we can study, i only have 98% in AP Calc.
Cary Students
Fag1: hey u wanna go stick road flares up each others asses?
Fag2: yea sure but can i invite Fag3 too, i promised him we'd do something involving our assholes and large objects.
Fag1: yea, then we can look through garbage cans for spare change.
by my ass or caryhigh? April 30, 2005
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{Located in Cary, NC.}

1. Where you can have a 4.5 and still barely be in the top 20% of your grade.

2.Not known for any good sports, except maybe golf... or marching band and maybe swimming.

3. A place where students in Calculus talk about doing pot in the back of the class room and still maintain an A.

4. "Best Public School in Cary", maybe the world.

5. Also Known As: No Hope for Green Dope.

6. Home to the WORST drivers at a High School.

1. Green Hope High School Student: Aww Man, I only have a 4.5, I'll never get into college.
Other School Student: YEAH I HAVE A 4.5 I'M TOP OF MY CLASS!!

2. GH Student: How many football games did we win again?

Other GH Student: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... winning.

3. Calc Student 1: I need to calm down. I can get some good weed.

Calc Student 2: Yeah I have an A in here let's do it Tuesday!

4. Maybe not the world...

5. Middle School Student 1: Where are you going to high school?
Middle School Student 2: No Hope for Green Dope.

6. There were three pile-ups, with twelve different cars on the same day. Also, you cannot have a parking spot without having your car scraped by the frenzy of students trying to go home.
by This Is So Not Even January 24, 2011
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