Half-Day Harry. When your coworker Harry takes a half day and leaves early.
Harry: "I get to leave in 12 minutes. Feels nice."
Emily: "Half-day Harry over here. Am I right?"
Nick: "Yeah, he's a real HDH."
by FullDayNick June 06, 2018
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Stands for High, Drunk, and Horny. It means when someone is stoned, intoxicated, and thirsty for some vagina and/or dick.
Jake: Hey, last night why did you Snapchat a bunch of pictures of you giving a girl head?
Ryan: Holy shit, I was so HDH last night! We had so much vodka and marijuana. It wasn't even funny, I gave pretty much every girl at Jerome's party last night head!

Jake: Next time, hide your phone at a party with alcohol and marijuana so the whole Snapchat doesn't see it.
Ryan: O fuck.. You mean the public seen my Snaps from last night????
Jake: Yes.
Ryan: I hope none of my family is on Snapchat.
by mc.w April 09, 2017
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Spiro to Lennon : 'You're a HDH ass nigga'
Lennon to Spiro : 'I AM NOT A HOT DOG HEAD!'
Spiro to Lennon : 'Aren't you though?'
by salokod May 14, 2018
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