HCl is short for Hydrogen Chloride or the Hydrochloride group. HCl (aq) is an aqueous solution of Hydrochloric acid. Ethylamine HCl is the salt of Ethylamine and Hydrogen Chloride.
I reacted freebase liquid volatile ethylamine with Hydrogen Chloride gas in ethanol and got Ethylamine HCl
by CognitiveFuel October 28, 2022
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Hardware Level Communication is the theory of which a program written in a high level language is compiled and transformed into intermediate language(s) and then into the basic form of zeros and ones
by Casket56 February 19, 2010
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Acronym for "hot creamy load". It sounds similiar to ACL, so when you tell someone that you "blew your HCL", they'll assume that you've suffered some sort of injury before finding out that you're fine and that it's just a joke.
Person 1: Oh man, I was in the bathroom and I blew my HCL.

Person 2: Oh my god, are you alright??

Person 1: Yeah, I'm fine. I plan to do it again tomorrow as well.

Person 2: HUH??
by Starman Deluxe May 24, 2011
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Propylhexedrine HCl is the HCl (Hydrochloride) salt of Propylhexedrine. While freebase Propylhexedrine is a liquid, Propylhexedrine HCl is a solid white salt. Propylhexedrine is made by dissolving it in ethanol and bubbling HCl gas through it. Propylhexedrine is good as a pre-workout, to unclog the nose, and to reduce hunger for weight loss. It is 1/4 the strength of amphetamine, and releases dopamine, norepinephrine, adrenaline (causes vasocontriction), and serotonin. It activates TAAR1 receptors. The dose range is 60mg to 250mg+. Doses of 60mg to 180mg will give you energy, concentration, an urge to lift things and run a lot (adrenaline rush), and more. Doses of 250mg or higher will lead to a buzz (mild to moderate mood boost) to a high (high mood boost), an even greater adrenaline rush, and increased side effects such as anxiety in most, fatigue, anger in some, insomnia, sweating, headaches in some, and more. Stacking Propylhexedrine with CBD and 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone (Tropoflavin) prevents some side effects.
Fernando: I tried 250mg of Propylhexedrine HCl measured in a scale and dissolved in juice and was high for hours. I had the best workout ever for 3 straight hours.
by CognitiveFuel July 8, 2023
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Cyclopentamine HCl is a drug which is a stimulant and a nasal decongestant. Freebase Cyclopentamine used to be in some nasal inhalers before it got replaced with Freebase Propylhexedrine. Cyclopentamine HCl can be measured in a Gemini-20 scale and dissolved in water or juice. Cyclopentamine can be used as a nasal decongestant, a pre-workout, or as a weight loss drug. Cyclopentamine HCl is weaker than Propylhexedrine HCl. Cyclopentamine releases
Tony: I tried 180mg of Cyclopentamine HCl and got energized. I had the best workout ever!
by CognitiveFuel July 11, 2023
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