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A nasal decongestant that contains propylhexedrine. Propylhexedrine is a stimulant that is easier to get than ephedrine and is stronger than ephedrine, though still pretty adrenergic. Benzedrex is inhaled to decongest the nose. When the vapors are inhaled more than a few times early in the morning, it can wake you right up. Benzedrex is sometimes used as a pre-coffee as it gives you the energy and motivation you need to make the coffee and maybe clean things. However, propylhexedrine will show up as a false positive for amphetamine and possibly methamphetamine.
Dude: I inhaled some benzedrex and that made cleaning and making coffee fun.
by CognitiveFuel April 08, 2015
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Legal, OTC speed high. If you buy 1-2 inhalers, break them open and eat the putrid-tasting cotton inside, you will experience effects surprisingly similar to amphetamines and which include euphoria, tingling sensations, excessive energy and increased focus and concentration. Great fun if you're into uppers and don't have access to anything else, although be warned the crash can be pretty rough.
"Sam ate 2 Benzedrex inhalers and was tweaked out of his mind!"
by OverdoseDelusion February 18, 2009
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