1. Hey you like HAIM?
2. YE!
by P-ockets April 2, 2016
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(verb) The act of coordinated and synchronized walking, especially on a sidewalk, street or other form of pavement.

Popularized by the rock band HAIM through many of their music videos.
I was totally HAIMing with my sisters in the mall parking lot.

Have you ever felt like just HAIMing your way through life?
by BecomeAFanOf June 30, 2020
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1)To become severely inebriated on drugs and/or alchohol in the style of Corey Haim; To have the feeling of dolphins swimming through one's veins
"Dude, I got so Haimed last night."

"Hey man, you wanna go get Haimed?"
by DeathStalkerII March 28, 2010
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To make a haimes of something = to mess something up
"This is a song that I made a total haimes of last night on TV"
by Lizzy April 8, 2005
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To destroy one's physical and emotional health through drug use and hip-delusion at an age when intellectual development is integral to one's future.
"What, you think binging on pharmaceutical drugs and doing meth with your buddies won't haim any chance you might have of graduating?"

"My cousin got busted for possession and if she's been selling too then who knows who else she might have haimed in the process."
by misterdix March 13, 2010
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