The act of using gyrating motions on a young lady.
Jay used the gyrating motions that made her scream
by Evil Do-er February 28, 2003
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When polo-clad accountants wiggle in a rhythmic way upon office equipment...most especially filing cabinets
Our assistant controller was gyrating on his filing cabinet
by GyratingGurl1006 May 20, 2015
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To move closely and/or sexually with another person. Sometimes in circular motions, usually in a form of dancing or when you're knocking boots with someone.
by K-Girl August 29, 2005
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to shake hips/body provocatively to attract attention (male or female).
1. Before MTV, girls had no idea how to gyrate in their shorts.

2. Those girls on MTV sure know how to jirate in those short shorts.
by Clara Walsh October 6, 2005
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Beyond drunk, just on another level, being really twisted, black out status.
Playa you were beyond, drunk, crunk, faded, twisted, last nite, you were gyrated.
by JM January 30, 2005
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When a "huge bitch" dances and all of her fat jiggles out of her clothing, creating a horrid sight for everyone around.
"Holy shit! Did you see that fat ass gyrating all over the place?!"
by Ryan & Tanya November 26, 2005
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