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A technique used by assholes in middle management positions to steal credit for themselves and/or unfairly ascribe blame to others, whereby the asshole gives a discreet verbal or non-verbal directive to a co-worker to refrain from participation in a transaction, occurrence or event followed thereafter by a public proclamation that the co-worker was incompetent (or unathletic) because the co-worker heeded the ambitious asshole's directive and refrained from such participation.
Hey, I just heard that Mick told the CEO that Bob just sat at the table and said nothing while he negotiated the whole deal. But Bob told me that Mick told he should just sit at the table and not say anything. Now Mick just got a sweet promotion and is moving to Conley.

Dude, Bob got Guzzied so hard.
by didn't make the cut May 12, 2010
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