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Australian slang native (I believe) to Warrnambool, Victoria. Meaning something good, cool, good work.
"Oi, that computers gutsy."
"thats really gutsy!"
by Eamon Hale August 10, 2004
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1: Making an obvious correct choice

2: Over emphasizing the importance of an action.
You: I decided to skip that second donut at work today
Your friend: Gutsy call.
by rpetras May 12, 2011
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A member of a people who are marked by courage, who boldly experience life, who give utmost respect to places visited and people met.
My life can be difficult for people to grasp. The most common question is, "Why do you keep moving?" The most relatable answer that has come to me is, "I'm a gutsy nomad."
by Gutsy Nomad May 23, 2022
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the act of fuckin' a girl so hard and far, it's like you're in her guts.
"I was gettin' gutsy last night"
by The Bitch ayeeee November 22, 2011
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It's when you suck the double Gulp slurpee out of a gay man's ass.
WOW! Jaron you're such a Double Gulp Gutsy.
by joshkiklaku February 18, 2022
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