A small shark that goes "A". She comes from the underwater kingdom Atlantis and is apparently 1,000 years old or so. She works with hololive-EN to live stream
She has a shark in a bubble named bloop and commonly calls her views chumbuds.
Gawr gura: A
by usedsoup October 13, 2020
An cute shark named Gawr gura who lives in the atlantis to get some nuggets
Shark 1: hey did u see that new shark over there?
shark 2: oh you mean Gawr Gura?

shark 1: yeah
shark 2: talk to her
shark 1: ok
gawr gura: a
by Jordansuttttt January 6, 2022
The shark girl who came from Atlantis to get some French fries
Gawr Gura, what did you say?
Gura: a
by Jaylens29 October 7, 2021
Sa te fut in gura( i will fuck you in your mouth) is a sentence in Romanian that people say when they are angry or sad
A. I forgot to get you coffee
B. Oh man! Sa te fut in gura!
by uwu yes November 16, 2021
it´s romanian and means something like "i put my dick in your mouth"
stranger: screw you
you:baga mi as pula in gura ta

stranger: thats not good :(
by Bazd meg February 18, 2017
It means " Fuck your mother's mouth" , but its a common mom swear in romanian , alongside Futu'ti mortii ma'tii , which translates as fuck your mom's dead
Daca te prind , iti rup picioarele, futu'ti gura ma'tii .
by eli smecheru December 3, 2022
That catch phrase that grabs people’s attention instantly and can effortleslly work as an on-going communication platform.
Ce Pui 'N' Gura cand rasare soarele?
by lamaitza September 27, 2022