A genre of Japanese music that was popularized in the 1980's. City pop does not have a specific definition; almost any type of Japanese pop music that has some sort of western influence can be considered city pop. It is a type of Japanese pop that has an urban feel to it which somehow makes you nostalgic about the life you lived in Japan in the 80's, even if you weren't born by that time or have never even been to Japan. A truly exquisite type of music that can change the atmosphere in seconds.
Based person: Have you listened to Tatsuro Yamashita? He's a great singer.
Cringe person: Wait, is that guy a city pop artist? Ewww city pop is trash and I'm a dumbass that agrees with the other definition on urbandictionary
Based person: ok.
by logical wizard November 21, 2021
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A degenerate form of music which makes your ears bleed and just gives you the worst tism imaginable that derives from Japan.
Especially popular with such youtubers as Theheefproject and oneyplays
Heef stop listening to that cancer city pop and hop a game.
by Modonsp April 15, 2021
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The act of having unprotected sexual intercourse with a female while she is menstruating, and proceeding to insert your blood covered penis into the female's mouth in order to engage in oral sex.
I gave Stacy the Kansas City Pop Tart last night.
by Michelangelo Da Vinci March 28, 2016
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1. A city with widespread and pervasive gun violence.

2. A dangerous neighborhood or part of town.

3. A place where young people get "popped" on a regular basis by rival gang members or criminals, usually between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
Man, don't go over there tonight. That neighborhood is Pop City! You'll get gunned down for sure.
by Peter Kobs August 12, 2009
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An exclamation of something extremely good. A take on the word "popping", only more popping.
by HillsideMike September 8, 2010
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The act of inserting just the head of your love gun into another mans ass then pulling out to taunt him. Once he starts to cry you say "Just kiddin bud, I'm not gay"
Part of Danny's initiation with his new cellie was to take the ole Kansas City Push Pop.

Danny is now no longer an ass virgin.
by Wtf Man May 25, 2012
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The next level of the Milwaukee Tootsie Pop. Instead of stopping at just shitting inside your Pink Sock, you have your friend or lover ejaculate on the feces filled prolapsed anus.
"I was going to just have a Milwaukee Tootsie Pop, but then Victor sneezed and accidentally jizzed on it. Now its a Cream City Tootsie Pop."
by Jay Shepherd May 27, 2023
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