A very cute and smol shark who tries her best every day. She says a. She also likes to hoocha. Part of the hololive idol group.
gura is the cutest shark I’ve ever seen in my fucking life
by The hentai man December 16, 2020
Gura: a
by Gura shark February 22, 2021
...and on that day, Lucifer created the Gura.
by dcfly March 28, 2003
A pakistani word which can translate to white, but also has many other meanings...
Pakistani's use this word frequently but ussualy you cant understand the rest of what they are saying. If you are near a pakistani and hear this word used you are possibley getting the piss taken out of you in a different language.
white kid: Dude i think them pakistani's just said gura!

Pakistani with friends: That gura over there is a propa faggot init!
by the gura January 20, 2008
from the neco arc series that just means “go go!”
nya! gura gura!”
by mastermeatridersumpreme October 3, 2022
"a" hydrodynamic, city pop, apex predator shark from the city of Atlantis, who mostly feeds on salman (salmon) and shrimp. She now lives on land playing video games, streaming and doing other shark stuff. Gawr Gura refuses to return to Atlantis due to its lack of French fries, and now spends her time as a Hololive EN member who entertains chumbuddies. She dislikes hot sand and likes food, PWWIE as well as the color blue.

(Keep loud stomak away from her at all costs)
Person 1: Hey, what's your favorite type of shark? Mine's the Hammerhead Shark.
Person 2: The Gawr Gura shark.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Did I stutter?
by logical wizard November 3, 2020