damn gurl your gunth is mad tight.

wat a gunth.

i need some gunth, dude.

by the pickle mang April 23, 2009
One who displays excessive teenage angst.

Also: Gunthery- The display of pointless teenage angst.
"What a gunth that child is!"

"This conversation is full of gunthery!"
by Kat October 1, 2004
Pockets of fat in the stomach, bottom or upper vaginal area generally accompanied by small red bumps called "flea bites"
My word, Mary, you are looking quite gunth today!

That's not an apple bottom, that's just pure gunth.
by unclehoney October 26, 2006
often times just a fucked up white kid that spits fire like the fucking sun. He can fuck anybody he wants (including your mom). he keeps his hoes fly like a fuckin helicopter. oh, and your daughter calls him daddy so he might as well adopt her. #ygbgangshit
yo bitch: "dayummmm dat boi lil gunth clean as fuck. too bad that nigga gay."
by gooooooontherr September 12, 2016