A subsidiary company of Gibson. Makes versions of Gibson guitars that are more modestly priced, but are nevertheless good guitars.
Epiphone: "the poor man's Gibson"
by G400owner March 10, 2011
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A company that is owned by gibson. Epiphone sells the same guitars as gibson but its cheaper. So if want a guitar that is made by gibson but is too expensive get the epiphone its cheaper.
Epiphone has better prices than gibson.
by BL1NX August 5, 2007
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a korean imitation guitar.

a prop that you'll see guys like Slash hold in an advertisement but never within 800 feet of him on stage.

a suitable instrument for guys taking a break from the clarinet.
"oh my shit, i thought you told me good charlotte was good..?..?"

"shut up dude, they are like the best band since like, smashing pumpkins or ah-ha"

"the fuck they are, the guitar tone sounds like a korean whore shitting out a miniature chainsaw.... not to mention, they're all playing goofy things that have les paul or sg bodies but silly little head-stocks that are meant to look like flattened out gay penises."

"those are epiphones and they rock way super hard"
by stu in the zoo February 12, 2008
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The Epiphone guitar company was headed by Epimanondas Stathopoulo the the early 1900's. Later on, the parent company of Gibson guitars bought Epiphone. Now, Epiphone makes affordable (but strong) guitars based around the Gibson guitar lineup, as well as having a few of their own models.
by blah1234 January 2, 2006
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A constant state of epiphany. To enjoy an enlightened state of mind constantly, if not always consistently - after all, we're human.
Suddenly it dawned on me in an epiphonic fashion. I understood...everything, answers and realizations came to me instantly and I knew no doubts, only enlightenment.
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