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Easily one of the best guitarists around. Plays with such ease, skill and passion you might even forget it's all on an electric guitar. Known for his signature piercing sustains. Really kicked off his career when he played at Woodstock. Since then he has had a varied career. Re-booted his career in 1999 with the release of Supernatural.
Abraxas & Supernatural. By Carlos Santana.
by Not Eric Clapton August 12, 2008
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A man born with talent who can play the guitar VERY well.
Black Magic Woman was one of his hits.
Many people wish they had guitar skillz like Carlos Santana!
by CarlosX January 01, 2006
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Carlos Santana is a blues/rock guitarist who was a founding member of the 60's/70's rock group Santana. Together with keyboardist/vocalist Greg Rolie, percussionists José "Chepito" Areas Mike Carabello, drummer Mike Shrieve and bassist Mike Brown, they went on to release a host of amazing albums, Santana (1969), Abraxas (1970), III (1971) and Caravanserai (1972). In the late 90’s, possibly due to his old age, Carlos caught a very serious disease called Commerical Bastardidus which causes you to write extremely mediocre and watered down songs and collaborate with inferior artists. This resulted in the 1998 crap fest, Supernatural which featured the mediocre vocal diarrhea of Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews and many others. Later Santana would collaborate with hacks such as Chad Kroeger and Michelle Branch , two people who seriously need to have their mouths packed full of cement. Recently, Santana has released what is quite possibly the worst release of his entire career, Guitar Heaven. This album makes Supernatural sound good by comparison. Trust me do not listen to this awful train wreck of commercialized shit. Stick to the first four albums put out by the original band and forget that the later abominations ever existed.
Smart Person: I was just listening to “Just In Time To See The Sun” off Caravanserai. Carlos Santana rocked it on that one. Brilliant song!

Dumb mainstream music sheep: YEAH I LIKE SANTANA. SMOOTH IS A GREAT TUNE.LOVE THAT ROB THOMAS. (begins jacking off to dave matthews)

Smart Person: (face palms)
by Mayall295z November 17, 2010
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