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Someone with little to no musical skill on the guitar.
He cant even make an Em, he must be guitarded.
by Malcolm November 03, 2003
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When someone has played their guitar or bass guitar to the point that they are completely 'played out', or brain dead.

How you feel after playing an extra long set or gig.
"Man we've been jammin for six and a half hours. I'm guitarded."

Some dude at a bar when you just finished your last set and are rollin up for the night-"Hey I love you guys man you really sound great! Say, I play guitar too, and I was wondering if you wanted to jam.

You - "Sorry man, I'm guitarded. Not tonight."
by Mark Ivey August 22, 2007
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Someone who doesn't know alot about the guitar, guitar+retarded.
Sorry i can't play lead, i'm guitar'ded
by Clay December 10, 2004
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One who is incredibly good at Guitar Hero and proud of it, but has never played an actual guitar. Also one who is impressed by Guitar Hero skills yet unimpressed by actual guitar playing.
Guitarded one: Dude! I got five stars on Dragon Force on expert last night!
Normal Human: OK. I played Stairway to Heaven backwards on an actual guitar.
Guitarded One: So....?
by Tomanos December 04, 2007
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Of or describing an individual who, despite undying effort, can not seem to improve at guitar playing whatsoever.
"What in the fuck is that God-forsaken, aural-rape sound coming from upstairs?! My fucking ears are bleeding!" "It's darned ol' Marcus and his guitar. Word around town has it he's guitarded."
by Joshualbatross March 26, 2011
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1. A paradox in which one forgets to play the guitar while playing the guitar.
Johnny's playing horribly, he's bit guitarted today.
by cakes June 11, 2003
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