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The sexiest motherfucker on this planet. He always gets what he wants. You can't be like him, because he stands for fame, success, good relationships ! He's unstoppable...
"What a Guilherme !"
by Kakafuka November 23, 2021
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He's the best player in the world. He used to play for Chelsea academy. He is a calm guy and he is a bit of a pussy
How did guilherme got trials for Chelsea ?
Because he's good at football.
by Hahahaurmum April 16, 2019
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A "Man" who uses fro hawks to describe his strangly cut pubic hairs, and often, if not mostly.. likes to eject pubes in the air, as a game of some sort.

Favortite hobbies are to masturebate naked on park benches, in front of groups of homeless people. Also enjoys hopscotch.
That Guilherme is such a guilty pleasure, gets my pubes all tight.
by Dj - Meldar May 24, 2010
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To trivialize game content by exploiting unintended or cheap mechanics; i.e cheesing
He is Guilherming.
by The Chesse Imperator December 25, 2021
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Jose Guilherme is a Brazilian hot mess! Usually dirty blonde. If you have one in your life, keep him! Jose is extremely kind and has a recognizable humor. His nickname is almost always Zé Gui. He is protective of the people he loves and has a passion for adventure. Jose Guilherme can be a little feisty and stressed, but has a big heart when he wants to. Don't expect Jose to follow others, he's one of a kind.
Ooooohhh!! Did you see that guy surfing Marcela? That must be a Jose Guilherme!

by Marcelita otxilac September 18, 2019
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The best person alive!!! People with that name are really cute, funny and extremely awesome! Everyone loves a Guilherme.
1: OMG 😱 here comes the perfect Guilherme Martins
2: *Faints of emotion*
by Urbaesomeone April 12, 2020
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Guilherme is a Portuguese name and a good person. Most of the time he's really anxious or worried about the people who are with him most of the time. Guilherme can be such an asshole but he's just trying to protect himself from the people who don't like him. Guilherme is lovely and cute but don't make him feel worried or guilty about something he really gonna get really aggressive and anxious.
Who is Guilherme Mendes?

-it's a good person and he gonna help you!
by Guilherme Mendes November 23, 2021
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