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Guilherme is a Portuguese name, not very usual but on the other hand not rare. It is given to a person who is extremely cool and chilled.Someone who loves sports and absolutelly adores partying.
Handsome, attractive and fit are very common characteristics for someone called Guilherme. Also tends to bang fir ladies.
Ladie: Look at that guys body !!!
Other girl:What a Guilherme...
by YourAnimous November 23, 2011
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Brazilian name, kinda rare, Latin American. Usually a Guilherme is a cool mothafucka, good at sports and gentle with beautiful woman. Addicted in hot asses, obviously in sex.

Famous for hunting red hair hot chicks.
That redhaired chick got some nice ass. Some Guilherme is going to hit that.
by PaniccatFuka April 12, 2011
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A "Man" who uses fro hawks to describe his strangly cut pubic hairs, and often, if not mostly.. likes to eject pubes in the air, as a game of some sort.

Favortite hobbies are to masturebate naked on park benches, in front of groups of homeless people. Also enjoys hopscotch.
That Guilherme is such a guilty pleasure, gets my pubes all tight.
by Dj - Meldar May 24, 2010
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