Guilherme is a person who cares about everything and everyone, which is also his weakeness. He will always see the best side in everyone, also if something or someone hurt him.
Be thankful for this person.
He's also a good partner and the best one in bed. Yeah, he'll make you feel what you are never going to feel in anybody.
He loves sports and his family, his passion is the most greatful thing for him.
If you have one of those, never let go.
He is one of the lasts men that still have feelings and that is good for a woman
Oh, who is Guilherme?
- well, he is one of the best persons I've ever met
by Alguém que se importa February 3, 2020
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Guilherme is a Portuguese name, not very usual but on the other hand not rare. It is given to a person who is extremely cool and chilled.Someone who loves sports and absolutelly adores partying.
Handsome, attractive and fit are very common characteristics for someone called Guilherme. Also tends to bang fir ladies.
Ladie: Look at that guys body !!!
Other girl:What a Guilherme...
by YourAnimous November 23, 2011
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He is perfect! He is anything anyone could ask for, as he is trusting, caring, handsome, funny, smart, intelligent and everything else. The only down side is that he can be annoying sometimes, but that only means he loves you!
I love Guilherme! He is a really cool guy!
by Anonymous74356123098 February 4, 2020
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That Guilherme dude has a strange name but is a cool mothafucka!
by Rancidid January 14, 2009
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The million-dollar man knows all the big boy words and is liked by everyone.
A: That Guilherme is one smart cookie.
by RataPequna October 9, 2020
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Hmm ... Guilherme is a good guy, he sometimes looks like a bad boy, also for his actions, but he cares for everyone he knows, the truth is that sometimes he doesn't show the emotions he feels. If give confidence to him, he always tries to be the best to please the person. Always try to be as smart as possible in everything he do, especially because he always try to anticipate what will happen, try to predict things. He is a good football player despite his physical form. Despite everything, he is almost always happy and loves to surprise people. So don't waste time and hurry up ...
by Ueiebsej February 2, 2020
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Brazilian name, kinda rare, Latin American. Usually a Guilherme is a cool mothafucka, good at sports and gentle with beautiful woman. Addicted in hot asses, obviously in sex.

Famous for hunting red hair hot chicks.
That redhaired chick got some nice ass. Some Guilherme is going to hit that.
by PaniccatFuka April 12, 2011
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