A mythological creature, often useless and bad at everything it does.
Man, you're such a gui ...
by Nubita June 30, 2016
Pronounced (gah-ooo-ee)

When someone says some stupid shit and you’re confused or see some dumb shit.

Also when someone is being dumb
Are you on that gui shit?”
“gui gui guiiiiii”
by guiman October 1, 2019
gui in "Sindhi language" refers to a human being beings bottom.

synonyms in english bum,butt,ass
Hull cha ta gui thas!

That woman has a hell of a gui!
by sindhimanhroo June 8, 2009
Girl 1: Look it´s Gui
Guy: Back off he is MINE!!
by SandHobgoblin November 20, 2014
A person that is addicted to anything it touches.
He touched a halo 3 game now hes gui.
by gui14235678978678 December 24, 2008
A popular game in the Midwest, East Coast and California Bay Area. The first player says something, and the other players respond to whether it is "Guys" or "Not Guys."
Guys or Not Guys is not only a great American past time, but it is fun for all ages.

ChoreBoy asked Finch whether he thought his buttix looked Guys or Not Guys. Finch stated "Not Guys!" because he saw absolutely no smears of stool on his cheeks.

"Peking Duck, Guys or Not Guys?" Guys! Pustifer responded.
by GerthPaul December 16, 2022
a masculine, sports loving, sociable guy who likes to hang out with his buddies
Look at this guy.... he's the life of the party, now's that a guy's guy.
by Bhursty1180 August 18, 2011