A two piece sport wear worn by early 70's pimps, pushers, thugs or early 2011 nico canarinos who are trying to bring back the style.

often worn well with gold chains, medallions, and a wife beater underneath the jacket.

Person wearing the jumpsuit may be tempted to slickback their hair and chances are wont be able to resist wearing to large of sunglasses on their face
Hey Nico what the hell is that your wearing....

"im bringing it back"

You look like my grandma in that valour tracksuit
by jsjsjsj January 18, 2011
A school full of druggies that chant the word dude.
Dude, I smoked the dankest blunt last night. It was a beautiful nugget to smoke here at valour highschool
by Harold Hobnobbing March 13, 2017
Valour is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe. A Valour is true and loyal till the end and will never allow anyone to talk bad about their family.
Did you see the Valour family? They’re so cool
by anonymous100203 February 3, 2022