Meth, ice, clear, guwop
I need a 20 of Gucci
by fadedone January 4, 2020
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a word that was basically popular in 2017 and probably 2018, children use this word to 'fit in' with their friends
Maaaaaaaaann! Dats a nice gucci belt
by penismouthwhoops November 19, 2017
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Another way of saying what's going on or what's up?
What's gucci?
If good: say prada
If bad: say coach
by bigboit November 29, 2012
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A way to say something is good or great sarcastically.
"Well, that's gucci..."
by Ashe Ryder December 7, 2015
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an adjective that describes anything that is really nice, ie top of the line
Wow, those new tampons are soo gucci!
by GOF April 26, 2004
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A famous brand that sells expensive items.
girl 1: you broke
girl 2: my outfit is made from Gucci
by xoxo gi May 31, 2019
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Arguably the world's most successful memer. Posts top notch memes on the daily. Probably has an enormous penis
Gucci has so many subs. I bet his penis is friccin HUGE
by YaBoiMemeGod November 2, 2016
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