stomach, as in Gucci Mane's large stomach
Ben: How's your gucci doin man?

Eddy: My gucci is hungry, it's time to feed him
by blingblowburr February 14, 2011
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an adjective that describes anything that is really nice, ie top of the line
Wow, those new tampons are soo gucci!
by GOF April 25, 2004
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A term/phrase to imply that something is good, or to the extent of being excellent.
More commonly used by cadets of 148 Barnsley sqn.
Sounds better when said in a Yorkshire accent. No other accent can pull it off really.
Often confuses those who aren't in the know when you say an item of clothing is Gucci. So my advice is don't say it around those people; they would think you were dense/illerate.
'That is one Gucci rifle!'
by Cas January 19, 2004
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A BRAND THAT RICH NEEGA LIKE me wear cause we got money- 500 dollar pair of gucci shoes neega im ballin
damn check out my gucci shoes you cant afford em can ya
by jd February 22, 2005
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1)a designer clothing company.
2)a term often used to describe extravagant and worthless pretentious crap.
by mute April 08, 2005
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Referred to an ugly ass pussy that is very hairy like a mans chest. It's ugly as fuck dude.
Girl you better go get yo ugly ass Gucci shaved or I'll throw up
by Bryces99 June 23, 2016
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