To ejaculate in someone's face after a hearty round of anal sex.
Dude, Janet and I were having an awesome round of butt lovin' and I totally guaced on her!
by jwardle06 December 25, 2006
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A 'guac' can be found in a trendy environment sporting 2+ golf shirts over one another with popped collars. Occasionally, guac's can be spotted wearing toque's in 100 degree weather coupled with shutter shades and a spray on tan.
Look at that fuckin' guac over there standing beside his Honda Civic.
by myagi March 10, 2011
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To force one cock down anothers throat with furious anger and acute targeting of the tonsil to induce mass gagging, vomiting and the always inevitable "GUAC". The person/persons recieving the "GUAC" will often elect to be killed afterwards.
Yo I was babysitting John sister and I totally made that bitch guac on my cock

Dude shut the fuck up or I wont let my mom guac you

Hey nigger wanna make a penny? Come here and give me a good guac
by John mC nigitire October 31, 2006
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pronounced gwok-The grease-like substance that forms between the scrotum and anus during high physical activity or intense situations.
I've got swampass so bad that guac is dripping down my loins.
by Jay Dub September 15, 2005
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When you eat too much Mexican food and you are trying to hook up with a girl but your ass has other plans.
Tim went on a date with Megan to Taco Bell, two hours later they went to hook up but he got guac-blocked.
by Shittychonga July 26, 2009
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A masked man who swoops into Mexican Restaurants and spits mouthfulls of Guacamole on to unsuspecting victims.
"Have you heard? the Guac Dropper swooped into the Taco Bar last night! He spit Guacamole all over Pepe!"
by Woody Woodrow April 30, 2008
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A term used to describe a a common party foul in which one person obstructs another person's pathway to the avocado dip by standing idly by the snacks.
Man, that girl was cute, but she was guac blocking me all night.
by dcthriller January 22, 2012
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