The placement of an avocado in one's sock to create a weapon; then, person of choice is beaten with weapon until avocado becomes guacamole
Guy 1 : how did he die?
Detective : based on the severe bruises. It is logical to conclude he was beaten with the mighty Guac-Sock
by NigsterNogster April 2, 2019
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That guacamole which is a remnant of a meal, offered to one without a meal.
Dusty: That Mexican (food) looks mighty tasty.

Matt: Indeed. You can have the trash guac when I’m done.

Dusty: Much obliged.
by dustyDictionary August 11, 2018
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Short for squirting the guacamole. A term used to describe any venereal disease that causes eurethral leakage.
Sorry guys, I can't go out tonight. I'm squirting the guac.

You can talk the talk, but can you squirt the quac?
by Galapagos Plamondon August 22, 2007
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When ordering a taco or burrito at Chipotle and they ask you if you would like guacamole, but they don't disclose that it is an extra fee of 1.95 until you are at the register and the meal is already wrapped.
Get this, Aubrey and I were at Chipotle today and I almost passed out from Guac Shock when I saw the total at the register. really? a Nine Dollar burrito!?!? since it wasnt disclosed, I stole the Tabasco sauce...that will learn'em
by MCheucastro September 24, 2009
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At Chipotle, when you order guacamole with your burrito, and they inform you that it's two dollars extra.
"I was all looking forward to this burrito, but I only had eight dollars. Lousy guac tease."
by Andrewconda January 20, 2010
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The most colorless, vomit inducing guacamole you will ever lay your eyes on. The site alone will make you gain 3 diseases. It will make your hair fall out and your skins will begin to melt.
You seen xDrifted's Guac, that shit made me wanna rip my eyes out!
by Gordon Ramsey Jr July 22, 2021
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Guacamole Cart that is normally used in restaurants to move table to table and make homemade, fresh guacamole for customers. The best way to make guac.

Also, can be used in the home, at friends house, or even at the beach on vacation to make homemade guac.
Bry and Lea were eating at Sol and ordered fresh Guacamole. A nice lady rolled a guac cart up and prepared it tableside.

We took the Guac Cart over to Mark's for Super Bowl - it was the hit of the party!
by B. Hanback January 16, 2010
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