'Guac' short for Guacamole is a derogatory term used in the Midwest towards people of Hispanic decent, especially Mexicans.
I really wanted to see that concert, but it was in the heart of a Guac neighborhood.
by MidWestSlangExplained October 10, 2017
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pronounced gwok-The grease-like substance that forms between the scrotum and anus during high physical activity or intense situations.
I've got swampass so bad that guac is dripping down my loins.
by taehi May 11, 2006
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(n.) Female ejaculate (use "man-guac" for males)
(v.) To ejaculate as a female.
"There was guac ALL OVER the place." "She's not much of a guacer, unfortunately."
by tystick September 13, 2007
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all i heard was "guac guac guac"
by d.easy. November 2, 2010
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Something that is over the top, excessive, dramatic, ridiculous, or unnecessary; extra

When you ask for guac(amole) on your burrito at Chipotle, the server always says "Guac is extra, is that okay?" Thus, when someone is being extra, they are being guac.
Jake: "Did you see Katie's outfit today? She's wearing 3 necklaces and 8 inch heels. She is so guac!"
by mvp @ vt February 12, 2016
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