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1: A pair of glasses which, rather than having lenses, they have horizontal plastic strips going across, which defeats any purpose of the glasses, they come in a variety of different colours and are worn by mostly either scene kids or rap kids.

2: Cunt goggles
Guy with shutter shades: Hey man, got these new shutter shades today, don't i look good in them

Me: No, they make you look like a fucking clown.
by twisted fingers January 13, 2009
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style of sunglasses, or stunna shades, made popular by rapper, kanye west.

metal (sometimes plastic) glasses complete with slits cut out horizontally; not unlike window shades or "shutters", but do not actually have any glass or translucent plastic for lenses.

origin could possibly be derived from eskimo sunglasses used by whale hunters.

also, could possibly be the worst trend of 2008. shutter shades do absolutely nothing and look ridiculous. thanks, kanye, you've doomed us all.
kid on street #1: daaang you're shutter shades are bitchin'.

kid on street #2: yeah man, they do nothing so you'll probably loose your vision at an early age. thas tiight!
by purpl3 rain August 17, 2008
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Plastic, usually bright-colored sunglasses with horizontal plastic strips where the lenses would be, thus giving the effect of a shutter while defeating the purpose of sunglasses. Shutter shades were debuted by Kanye West.
I was so excited when I bought a pair of shutter shades on sale, until I realized that there was nowhere I could wear them to.
by Okaytosuck September 14, 2008
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Usually plastic glasses with horizontal pieces of plastic going across. in place of actual lenses, which totally defeats the purpose of the glasses. They were originally made popular in the 80's, which is contrary to popular belief because of a dipfuck named Kanye West. Now everybody thinks the glasses are his, but in reality, he's an unoriginal fuck.
Megafuck: I lyk dez kany e wess shutter shadesglasses dey koo.
by optimus primate. December 04, 2011
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A type of glasses worn only by Kanye West and white (usually scene)girls.
Katie: Lawl, dayumn gurlfriend, where'd you get those fresh shutter shades?
Jesse: Gurl, you know I got them on 8th Avenue!
Kanye: ;_;
by Franklin.D.Roosevelt July 10, 2008
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Girls can only wear if: they are scene,or ghetto

Guys can only wear if:they are scene

if your a guy you honestly shouldnt wear shutter shades they will make you look gay,and if your a goth or skater boy your friends WILL make fun of you
shutter shades
by CrunkGirl101 July 02, 2009
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