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A person who takes extreme pride in working at a grocery store. This person also repeatedly makes disturbing and creepy remarks, often times about their favorite employeee.
That guy is a total Grund, why won't he stop saying weird stuff?
by Johnny Jolly February 10, 2010
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A white computer nerd that thinks of himself as a gangster rapper. A person who writes lyrics that are mostly about computers, and only being able to have sex over the internet.
Say you know a Grund that has a GIANT very miscolored KMK tattoo on his arm, which he calls a 'sleeve.'

A Grund has never physically had sex with a female only with their hand and the internet.

A Grund's raps all in one way or another are about computers, and getting 'pussy' on the internet.

Someone who talks like they were raised in the hood, but infact their parents were rich and they lived extremely well off would deffinatly be considered a Grund.

A Grund could also be known as a Snitch/Fed would get caught by the police for being in possession of lets just say drugs, and they rat on every dealer they know of then magically have all charges dropped.

Lastly a Grund is most definitely a virgin.

AKA another good one I saw Amgtg
by GangstaFry November 16, 2010
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n. A group of goblins. Similar in usage to Herd or Tribe.
Did you see that grund LARPing in the park? What fucktards!

Is the comicCon on again? I saw three grunds on the way here.
by masterxenu June 03, 2009
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