a very unattactive, usu. overweight female. Chicago slang
That fool James brought just one fine girl and 3 grumbles to the party.
by J.R. September 7, 2004
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grundle grumble ( grundle grumbler, grundle grumbling )

1: When a young lady is pleasuring her partner by kissing or licking his grundle the scrotum will cover the womans mouth preventing intelligible speech.

2: Flatulence that is prevented from escaping up the butt crack that flows over the grundle impacting the scrotum making a distinctive rumbling sound. Grundle grumbles are particularly evident when seated on leather or vinyl seating surfaces or those cheesy fiberglass chairs in laundromats.

3. Mysterious sounds that emanate from the grundle.
1. Whats that honey? I can't hear what you saying you grundle grumbling bitch you.

2. Jesus Dave I heard that grundle grumble from here. Stop farting on my leather seats..no more fucking burritos for you.

3. What the fuck was that? Oh..a fucking grundle grumble. Sorry. Do you have any fabric softener?
by Global Feetus March 27, 2007
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(British) A grumble flick is a form of video based entertainment that allows men to pleasure themselves without excessive use of their imagination.
Jack stayed home and watched a grumble flick
by WordWright June 22, 2009
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When one person has diarrhea on another person's face who then vomits upward like a volcano spewing lava.
I just had Mexican; can't wait to go home and grumble volcano my girlfriend.
by ghostkilla696969 August 21, 2013
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A ranking officer in the Bear Military, primarily known for his role in the "Grumbles Massacre", where he allowed his unit to come under heavy attack by the rebel Lion Forces resulting in their complete slaughter. At the time, Sgt. Grumbles had found a cache of honey and had consumed it all.
"Sgt. Grumbles! Launch the counter-offensive! Sgt. Gruuuuummbles!"
by Johnathon Wibworth III Esq. September 25, 2005
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British schoolboy term for a stash of porn found under a hedgerow. It is an ancient custom in Britain that once a jazz mag has come to the end of its life, the owner shall place it under a hedgerow so that it may be adopted by a new one.
Timmy: "Whacko Roger! Hit the blimmin' jackpot last night!"
Roger: "Oh do tell!"
Timmy: "Yes, found some cracking hedgerow grumble down Dale Lane!"
Roger: "Cripes! Better make sure your housekeeper doesn’t find it or there'll be no sherbet fountains for you, ho ho!"
by Wizards Sleeve June 2, 2005
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This is a term was originally used in Rick and Morty and it is used for throwing people off when you make a reference. If they laugh, then you know they are fake friends. Should only be used on people who don't watch Rick and Morty
Guy #1: This is the redgren grumble of movies.

Guy #2: Haha!

Guy #1: Redgren Grumble isn't a thing you idiot.
by basketegg June 25, 2019
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