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(British) A grumble flick is a form of video based entertainment that allows men to pleasure themselves without excessive use of their imagination.
Jack stayed home and watched a grumble flick
by WordWright June 22, 2009
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Short for "status quo ante bellum" meaning "the state before the war." Used to reinstate property boundaries, ownership, etc after a nation is defeated. Kinda opposite its contemporary meaning, "the way things are now."
In spite of the principle of status quo, West Virginia was not restored as part of Virginia after the (US) Civil War.
by WordWright February 19, 2005
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Tasmania is trapezoidal. An Australian comedian thought its outline looked like the female pudenda with the labia extended.
Show me yer map o' Tassie
by WordWright December 7, 2004
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According to Wikipedia: "Rush Limbaugh, soon joined by other conservative pundits, used the nickname Lurch to describe the tall and slim 2004 Democrat Presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts."
In 2004, Lurch was defeated by George W Bush
by WordWright April 24, 2011
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