A girl with plenty of Grrrrrrrrrr!!
A womyn with attitude, often a feminist and involved in music scenes (Riot Grrl)
That Abi, she's one rad Grrl!
by JoGrrl November 14, 2005
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A way of spelling "girl". This way of spelling is most often used by AOL users, MMORPG addicts, video game magazines, and female gamers.

Unfortunately, they are all eventually subjected to natural selection.
Girl A: You go, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!

Girl B; Yeah, you know it!

Guy A: .....what in the hell are you two talking about?
by BusinessMan August 9, 2005
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the way some young female teenagers use to call themselves.

usually poser teenagers trying to find a pre-made personality that looks cool

These are usually girls who like feminist rock bands like Bikini Kill ( known as "Riot Grrl")
and like to play the role of a bad girl, but they're usually easy prey for most guys

Note: if you kissed or had sex with one of those girls, you're now probably just a number in a looong list
*15-year-ols girl enters the bar with a beer and a cigarette. Her shirt reads "riot grrl"*

*after kissing every single drunken boy in the bar, she can be found f****ng in the restroom*

*she calls her mother at 4am to go and get her*
by saruman77 October 28, 2005
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An alteration to the word "girl." This alternate spelling indicates a different class or type of girl. Most notably, lesbian and bisexual girls have adopted this spelling to describe themselves as an outcast or different type of the typical "girl."
Additionally, and less sexually arousing, all girls who feel that they rebel, practice feminism and punk rock enough to be identified as seperate from the typical "girl" also adopt the spelling of "grrl", or "girrl", "gurrl", etc.
"Riot Grrl"
"I'm a rebel grrl!"
by Courtzmeister July 25, 2006
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N: A punk/rocker angst-ridden girl

A: Punk/rocker angst-ridden girly
Pun on girl band
N: "Oh, you're such a grrl!"
A: "You're so grrly!" "Wanna be in my grrl band?"
by Edmund Townend May 11, 2005
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An altnerative spelling for the word girl acquired by doubling the letter "r" while simultaneously subtracting both the letter "i" and any possibility of intelligence. Originally intended to convey a grrwling tigrr-like attitude, but has instead come to signal to listeners that spending further time in conversation with any self-described grrl will almost certainly result in an unfortunate dearth of intellectual stimulation.

Also, if you fuck a grrl, don't forget to use a rubbrr.
I'm a grrl, hear me rroarr!
by Stricker van Gogh March 19, 2006
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riot grrl was a musical feminist movent.. sorta. that came out with bands like the amazing Bikini Kill,L7 etc..

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "RIOT GIRL" which is a fucking song by good charlotte or something.
those riot grrls would kick your ass for saying that steve
by Jesus December 18, 2003
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