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what ninjas do right before they kill people
I once had a ninja P.E. teacher, but then he flipped out and killed half my class.
by Stricker van Gogh May 26, 2003

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drinking and fucking
Church is okay, but G-Zuss just can't compete with secular pleasures.
by Stricker van Gogh June 11, 2003

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An altnerative spelling for the word girl acquired by doubling the letter "r" while simultaneously subtracting both the letter "i" and any possibility of intelligence. Originally intended to convey a grrwling tigrr-like attitude, but has instead come to signal to listeners that spending further time in conversation with any self-described grrl will almost certainly result in an unfortunate dearth of intellectual stimulation.

Also, if you fuck a grrl, don't forget to use a rubbrr.
I'm a grrl, hear me rroarr!
by Stricker van Gogh March 18, 2006

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