Grown is being able to live on your own not with your momma or depending on anyone else to wash your shitty draws. Treating women/men with respect and not on fuck shit.
Finally can call myself grown with my nice ass apartment, bills payed and beautiful fiancé.
by Realiststatements June 29, 2019
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A slang word meaning cool, sick, ill, Off the chain anything along these terms.
Damn G that yo new shit?
Hell Yea
DAMN that shit grown
by Tha Mastapiece August 3, 2008
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A term used to describe something good that may also be considered "chill" or "dope" or toward anything that one may like or think is very calm and/or fun.
Lax Bro: Dude did you go to that party last night?

Brah: Yeah bro haha, it was hella grown.
by justanothervictimoftheghetto September 7, 2010
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acting mature. doing what older people do. no longer acting like a lil kid.
Boy- Ey man wanna go to the park?
Friend- hell naw dude im hittin up the club, dont nobody play at the park no more. im on my grown.
by Bilay April 17, 2008
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An adjective that means you're an adult.
What's that kid doing over there?

He 23, he ain't a kid. He grown.
by some polak October 28, 2004
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Interjection (derived from past participle of GrOwn).

Abbreviation for "Grammar Owned," a phrase adapted from the now popular term "Owned," which denotes the dominance of the listening (owned) person by the speaking person.
The interjection is triggered by some event which demonstrates one person's inferiority to another.
In this case, it refers to the grammatical superiority of the GrOwner, and is in response to a grammatical error committed by the GrOwned person.

Alternate spellings: Grpwned, Grpwn3d, GrOwn3d, Gr0wned, Gr0wn3d, Groaned.
Spelling and punctuation count as grammar too. You've just been GrOwned.
by The Grammar Nazi October 7, 2004
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acting mature but not being mature. imitating what older people do. Being of legal age while acting wreckless.
You can't tell me what to do because I'm grown.
by ericjr1985 September 22, 2008
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