9 definitions by Realiststatements

Something y’all musty mfs need but what you love doing is hugging people and slappin the top of the doors and everyone in that bitch gets slapped with ya stink use deodorant
by Realiststatements July 1, 2019
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No lie or no joke. I don’t know where tf that came from but I fw it.
Sidney I seen you with my dad last night

No cap 🚫🧢
by Realiststatements June 30, 2019
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Going off on a mf who deserves it. Telling them what needs to be heard while making a scene because you are a bad bitch and you can do that.
Nigga stop talking to me before I pop off in this bitch
by Realiststatements June 30, 2019
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People on Snapchat putting their business out telling the story of how their ex cheated or did them wrong in anyway.
Hood love story is another way of exposing
by Realiststatements February 22, 2020
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Grown is being able to live on your own not with your momma or depending on anyone else to wash your shitty draws. Treating women/men with respect and not on fuck shit.
Finally can call myself grown with my nice ass apartment, bills payed and beautiful fiancé.
by Realiststatements June 29, 2019
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A female who wears crop tops or shorts up her flat ass to impress the boys she thinks wants her for her “beautiful personality” when all they want is pussy and these bitches are willing to give head on a school bus.
by Realiststatements June 29, 2019
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