Frowning and Growling = Growning

Basically an upset person. Especially toddlers, teenagers, and old guys who started drinking at 10 in the morning.
"Why are you growning so much?"
"Finals are next week, also, wE ARE OUT OF MILK."
by eowyn7 March 12, 2019
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the age of being mature and smart
I just turned 14! I'm grown
by urdude23 August 3, 2017
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Stole-grown is a portmanteau of Stolen and Homegrown, stole-grown is homegrown (amateur porn or nude pics) which has been found and posted on the net but does not belong to the original poster.

Credited to clayizaiken of BGOL
by Duece504 January 13, 2008
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When a person wearing jeans sits down and the zipper/button area sticks up, making it look like the wearer has an erection.

Known as the grown zone as that’s extra room for the penis to grow.
Kieran: Andy, look, Simon has a massive erection.

Andy: no that’s just his grown zone. Look, Emma has one too and I know for a fact she doesn’t have a penis.

Kieran: what?

Andy: ... what?
by Pogoextreme July 8, 2018
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older, mature yet hip; something that is for a more mature group of people;
by Epsilonicus September 13, 2005
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Ebonics for:"Don't even think of showing up at my function in
in baggy jeans,Air Jordans,platinum chains,bandanas,and 3x white t-shirt.If you're not custom tailored,Armani or Versace-stay your ass home!...Also unless it's neo-soul,rare groove,or old school-you won't hear it here.Want radio hip-hop?Go to that white kids' club in the suburbs...And approach a Sista'with a little finesse.Leaning up against your homies' Escalade does not constitute "having game"...feel me?"
in downtown.Doors open at 10PM.This party is for the GROWN AND SEXY."
by L.MARTIN December 5, 2005
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The fact that I'm grown, gives me the ability to do whatever the fuck I want.
"Why did you buy a motorcycle?"
"Grown ability that's why mother fucker".
by Justin Mafuckin Bryant November 30, 2017
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